4 Useful Tips On How To Contact Record Labels Properly

Most rappers just go on Google, and find a list of record label contacts (like this one) and start contacting record labels to try and get signed. Now this is not effective, mainly because a lot of rappers don’t understand how to contact these labels properly. I’m going to reveal 4 useful tips on how to contact record labels properly:

Number 1: Make sure your tracks are hot stand out!

It’s important to make sure your tracks are hot, but remember, there are 1000s of rappers just like you who want record deals. A&Rs have to listen to 1000s of songs, so if your song sounds like any other song, why would they chose you? You have to make sure you stand out.

To stand out, you have to go for high quality beats that are unique, to make yourself stand out. You can get these kinds of beats here. Also, you need to make sure your lyrics are on point. No mistakes, unique flow, anything to show your talent while making you stand out. A catchy hook is very important, as hooks are what get people attached to a song, although not all tracks need a hook. A good-looking music video can also help.

Number 2: Don’t be disappointed if a label doesn’t contact you back.

As I said before, they have 1000s of rappers to listen to, so chances are you’re not going to get a deal on the first try. The most important thing you have to know is that failure comes before success, and you shouldn’t let one rejection stop you from achieving your dream. Make sure you keep contacting labels the right way, and eventually you could get some responses.

Also, you want to make sure that you didn’t give them a reason to ignore you. Did your beats sound professional? Where your vocals clear, or where you using a cheap microphone? It’s best to find your mistakes so you can correct them before sending your next demo to record labels. If you can’t record on your own, it’s best to pay for a studio session, at a studio in your area. If you’re really serious, you should also get professional mixing and mastering done for your tracks.

Number 3: Make sure you send your demo to a lot of labels, including Indie labels.

As I mentioned earlier, most people do not get signed on their first try, so approaching more labels increases your chances of getting signed. Most rappers just want to target the big labels, and when they fail, they give up. The trick is that they leave out the Independent labels, thinking they’re less important. However, a lot of these Indie labels are being supported by major labels, making them just as important. The moral here is that you don’t want to ignore any option. Give both options equal priority, as it increases your chances of getting noticed.

Number 4: Practice makes perfect.

This one is self-explanatory. Don’t expect to get better if you’re not writing raps everyday! You have to be obsessed with your dream, because it’s only the people who want it the most that make it.

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